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for supplying honey bees with supplementary food

Many types of feeder exist, but in the main they follow similar principles of providing a liquid in a protected enclosure so that marauding bees or wasps are not attracted.

As with many other items of beekeeping equipment the different types bear their originator's or modifier's name.

All of the types listed have been tried by myself, with the exception of the entrance feeders, and I can say that I found no problems with any, providing that they were large enough for the job in hand.

Drowning of bees is a problem in some feeders and gives rise to rapid propagation of Nosema. This can often be overcome by floating wood shavings on the surface of the liquid. Or by excluding bees from large areas of exposed feed by using mesh barriers that the liquid will flow through, but the bees cannot penetrate.

I use frame feeders for stimulative feeding and for bulk feeding I use the Bro. Adam type that I used to manufacture at Apex Enterprises. Simplicity is my main reason for these choices as simple designs are more readily kept from leaking.

I treat my feeders with linseed oil to help their liquid retention and I dip frame feeders in melted beeswax and then allow them to drain in a heated cabinet to remove any excess wax.

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