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Rolled Foundation Candles

Beeswax Candles burn with a bright, clean and fragrant flame.

These candles are rolled at a temperature that maintains a high plasticity in the wax. This gives a high consistency of burn, but a slightly smaller diameter. (The amount of wax is greater than you may think as the air spaces within the structure are much less than some candles manufactured by others.)

Candle DescriptionWeight gmsHeight mmWidth mmBurn TimeCode
Rolled Candle16127x?S/2V
Rolled Candle2075y?D-S
Rolled Candle26101y?D/2H
Rolled Candle31127y?S
Rolled Candle51203y?D
Rolled Candle62127z?2S
Rolled Candle102203z?2D

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Written... April/May 2000
Revised... 13 March 2002