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Comb Renewal in Feral Nests.
Sterilising Drawn Comb
Composite Drone & Worker Foundation.
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Protecting Comb in Storage
Cell Size Regression.
Foundation Cell Size.
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How Bees Draw Comb
Making Foundation Presses.
Leaf Foundation Press.
Herring Foundation Method.
Removing Chemicals from Wax.
Wax Melting.
Wax Filtration.
Wiring Frames for Unwired Foundation.
Non Beeswax Foundation and Comb.
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Beeswax Comb and Foundation

Beeswax Honeycomb is a much neglected commodity in beekeeping. It forms the majority of the structure of a wild nest in a cavity, but when we beekeepers entice the bees to make their combs in the rectangular wooden frames that fill our boxes we pay little attention to why and how the bees do it.

The links on this page lead to a number of documents that deal with different aspects of comb and foundation.

Storage and protection of comb from waxmoth are dealt with and the treatment of comb to eliminate Nosema spores.

There are many references to the sizes of cells within the honeycomb structure.

Non beeswax comb will cover plastic foundation and comb as well as the use of aluminium and plastic in reinforcing foundation or producing complete combs of these materials. Also incorporated under this heading is a wire grid method of foundation reinforcement.

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Written... 07 February 2002, Additions... 21 & 31 Mar 2002
Revised... 12 June 2002