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Spacing of Frames in Bee Hives

Hoffman spacing is probably the most common worldwide, but there are pockets where other methods are used.

The UK has a Standard frame that has long lugs (38 mm) the length arises out of a need to accommodate metal spacers, which were originally of cast metal, but are now made in folded tinplate or injection moulded in plastic.

Shorter lugged frames such as the Smith, or most of the world's other types, require spacing of the sidebars.

A link is provided for Beesy frames as they have a somewhat different spacing method.
The Hoffman adaptors enable straight sided frames to be converted to a form that is compatible to wooden Hoffman frames and I have a few other uses for them as well.

Screw eyes have been used at various times and do give an advantage in that there is minimal contact and thus they attract very little propolis.

A variation on this was used by Brother Adam... He used hob nails and later when these became difficult to obtain he used some plastic mouldings that mimicked the action of the hobnails.

I have also used ball headed corkboard pins for spacing on some 1/3rd width frames, The details are on the page that deals with screw eyes.

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Originated... 28 May 2002