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Weblinks, To Other Beekeeping Sites

Some of these are quite old... I try to keep up to date with these links, which are offered for your surfing. I cannot be held responsible for the content, or state of dereliction, of the sites in question (or the naff animated graphics on some of them), but if you do find a broken link please let me know by Email and I will try to fix it!

(Kent Beekeepers.) . (Beedata.) . (Bee Farmers' Association.) . (Essex Beekeepers Association.) . (Bee-L Archives and more.) . (Bees for Development.) . (Beekeeping, Oxfordshire Community Groups.) . (Scottish Beekeepers Association.) . (Reigate Division of Surrey Beekeepers' Association.) . (Hampshire Beekeepers Association.) . (North Staffordshire Beekeepers' Association.) . (Beekeeping the natural way using oils and herbs.) . (Bees in Danger.) . (Beesource.) . (Alaska honey.) . (Australian Beekeeping.) . (Australian Honeybee Service.) . (Nassenheider Website.) .

You are welcome to send any links that are beekeeping related.

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Written... 28 May 2001, Revised... 15 Apl 2002