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The Gent Saw or Dovetail Saw

I do not know why the term 'Gent' is used here. It is a straight handled brass or steel backed saw of small dimensions. I presume the 'Dovetail' term stems from the suitability of them for cutting fine dovetails.

Gent Saw I have several examples varying in size from 20 mm x 100 mm blade size up to 44 mm x 220 mm.

The sizes with very thin blades, often called razor saws, are usually sharpened so that they cut on the pull stroke. Razor saws are commonly used for aero modeling, but I have used then on occasions for detailed work on complicated types of bee frame.

The larger ones were originally supplied to cut on the forward stroke, but I have re sharpened mine with fleam teeth to cut equally on both strokes.

It would more often be found among a cabinet maker's toolkit than in a carpenters box.

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Written... Summer 2001
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