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Insulin Syringes
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Glass Vials for insemination work

10 ml Glass vial as used for insulin storage Also known as glass phials these small bottles are used widely in the pharmaceutical industry. The particular example shown here is 10 ml in capacity and they are normally fitted with a self sealing rubber membrane top so that a syringe may be filled from their contents.

The large flat base of this type of vial, is useful in insemination work as they are less likely to be knocked over, whilst working, than some smaller types. The relatively narrow neck helps to ensure that contamination by airborne dust and microbes is kept to a minimum.

My personal supplies of this item are assured as I am diabetic and consume a couple of bottles of insulin per week. I am collecting and washing my used vials and they will be available for free distribution at future IINGRIDD Meetings.

I am on the lookout for suitable snap-on plastic lids for these vials and I would welcome details of other types of vial for inclusion on this page.

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Originated... 03 October 2001, Revised... 19 April 2002