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Grooming Behaviour in Apis Mellifera races

Apis Cerana exhibits marked grooming and removal of parasitic mites (notably varroa). various suggestions about transplanting such a trait, by genetic therapy, have been made, but little is known about the grooming behaviour of mellifera types of bee because it does not seem to occur to a strong degree.

This page has been placed here so that I may record such fragments of information, on this subject, that come my way.

Rather than the drastic genetic intervention envisaged by some, I see no reason for not selecting positively for any grooming that is observed in future, other than that nature has not seen fit to do this selecting in the past. Such indifference by natural selection forces, may be a manifestation of the 'newness' of varroa destructor rather than indifference.

There may well be some linkage with the mite damaging behavior that is being studied, and bred for, by John Dews.

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Written... 07 December 2001, Revised... 11 December 2001
Revised... 09 Aug 2002