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Hand creme Recipes
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Traditional Hand creme, using beeswax

low, wide-mouthed glass jar This is a basic and traditional recipe that contains beeswax. In the past I have made this item and sold it when giving beekeeping talks to audiences that are not familiar with bees and their products.

For ease of use it is packed in a low, wide-mouthed glass jar containing 80 ml of product. The lid is a 70 mm Twist off type as illustrated at right. The jar is made by Johnson & Jorgenson.

The wide mouth of the jar allows three fingers to pick up a generous amount of the cream from the surface, if a large amount is required, but in general a finger tip will gather enough to suit normal sized hands.

Considerable massage may be required for the cream to be absorbed, so use a very small amount to start with.

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Written... 05 April 2000, Revised... 10 August 2002, Revised... 05 September 2003,

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