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Hanging Section Dividers
Alternative Type
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Hanging Section Frame
Conventional Type, for National Beehives

This is a traditional type that takes three standard 108 mm sq (4.25") square basswood sections and can be hung in a standard super alongside 'ordinary' frames. They should be separated by plastic or tinplate 'Hanging Section Dividers' or the hollow plywood type illustrated under the link at top left.

Conventional Hanging Section Frame

Three, four or five of these frames can be used in the centre of an ordinary super of extracting combs, but to get good and fast filling there needs to be a strong nectar flow.

A lightweight strait grained wood like basswood is ideal for making such frames, as is Western Red Cedar. But any softwood will also suffice. Parts require cutting to the sizes in the table below.

14325015top bar
13565015bottom bar

There is no easy substitute for a table mounted router and a set of stops for cutting the scalloped edges, but 45° saw cuts and a chisel will do a passable job if only a few are required.

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Written... August 2000, Revised... 12 Aug 2002