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B.S. Hanging Section Frame
An Alternative Hanging Section Frame
Hanging Section Dividers
Ross Rounds
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Hanging Section Frames

Instead of full racks of sections, small quantities may be generated in these special frames hanging in normal supers alongside conventional frames.

They need hanging section dividers between them and between the section frames and any conventional frames.

There are various types of hive that this method and particular dimensioned designs will be suitable for National hive and the top bee space Rational hive along with the WBC hive. If the lugs are shortened to 19 mm then they will fit into Smith type hive as well.

Ross Round section frames are really a type of hanging section frame, but they are only made in a size to suit American equipment. They can be incorporated into a special box for use on British Standard hives and they have a novel feature that dispenses with the need for section dividers.

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Written... August 2000, Revised... 12 Aug month 2002