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High Shine Beeswax Polish
with Carnauba Wax

This polish has added carnauba wax... Which is a high melting point vegetable wax secreted by the leaves of an exotic jungle plant.

This gives a harder, and more shiny finish than plain beeswax, but does require slightly more effort or 'elbow grease' to produce a good result.

There is a downside to the increased shine that can be achieved... The polished surface is harder and can crack or craze with the natural movement of wooden furniture, as moisture levels change.

Wing type polish tin
It is packed in a flat drum shaped tin with a 'butterfly' or 'wing' opening key. Contents 90ml.

Coin groove type polish tin

Some types of tin have a coin groove type of opening facility.

Nominal diameter of container... 90 mm.

A circular label is fitted centrally on the lid and another label on the underside of the tin contains a warning about the solvent content of the polish.

Because of this solvent you should test the polish, before use, on an inconspicuous area.

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Written... April 2000, Revised... 13 Aug 2002