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Tungsten Carbide Hive Scraper

Originally part of the decorator's or carpenter's toolkit... This item lends itself to the beekeeper's toolbox. The one best suited to the cleaning of Hive Boxes & Frames is the heavy duty type with the thick tungsten carbide blade.

Sketch of Hive Scraper

The peculiar colour is my attempt to mimic the cadmium plated, chromatic passivated finish.

Tungsten Carbide Blade
Carbide Blade This is the blade that is designed to be the cutting element of the decorator's scraper shown above.

I believe the original manufacturer of both blade and scraper is a New Zealand Company.

I use this scraper on both the inside and outside of hive bodies. It helps if the tool is dragged along the grain of the wood rather than across it, but when dealing with internal corners there is no choice in this respect.

I also make the job easier for myself by doing the scraping on a frosty winters day.

The outside surface of hive boxes is only scraped if I intend to put on a fresh coat of linseed oil.

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