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Lock slides
Stainless 'Z' Springs
Hive Staples
Securing straps
Net Enclosing Bags
Entrance Closures
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Methods of Securing Hives for Transit

Some use old rope or staples for this purpose, yet others use straps with ratchetable buckles. Perforated steel plates and screws can be rapidly applied using a battery powered screwdriver.

The lock slides and 'Z' springs listed here fit to the boxes in a permanent fashion. They are secure, but are easily unfastened. If they are used in out apiaries where the hives may be pushed over by vandals they will usually hold the hive together.

I personally use the 'Z' spring type, and have done so since 1985. They have been of assistance most of the time, but have also caused the odd "incident".

Hive staples were common at one time, but I have not seen them used much recently and I have no personal experience of them. They are available from the appliance trade as are the securing straps.

The netting bags that can be passed over the hive and secured with a drawstring are also beyond my experience.

It is common to use foam plastic strips that can be pushed into the entrance to block the bees in, but I have used either solid wooden blocks or hinged entrance closures on my own hives.

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Originated... Summer 2000, Revised... 11 October 2002