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HONEY (Liquid Gold)

These days I produce only a small amount owing to poor health and many attacks, (on my bees), by vandals. If this situation changes I will re-activate the price list.

I will leave the page in place as an indication of what I used to produce.

Honey Standard Squat Jar454gmHON1
Honey Skep Jar454gmSKH1
Honey Glass Teddy Bear Jar454gmTED1
Honey Small Squat Jar227gmHHON
Honey Hexagonal Jar227gmHHEX
Honey Large (2lb size) Jar908gmHON2
Baking Honey (not intended to be eaten without further cooking)
Baking Honey Standard Squat Jar454gmBH1
Baking Honey Large (2lb size) Jar908gmBH2

The above types were available as both liquid honey and creamed honey. I also prepared a few jars of crystalised honey for a small number of customers that liked the grittiness of texture.

Ross Rounds

Wooden Sections

Half comb cassettes

3 x 1 1/2 oz in crate

6 in triangle crate

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Originated... April 2000, Revised... 14 October 2002