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Instrumental Insemination Equipment,
for use with queen honeybees

Register of II resources
Peter Schley's Instrument
Making Insemination Tips
Illuminated Tips
Thoughts on Insemination Tip Shape
Making Insemination Hooks
Thoughts on Tubular Perforated Sting Hooks
Combined Queen holder & Hook
Tungsten Blade for Glass Nicking
Multi Dose Saline Driver
Electric Saline Pump
Glass Vials
Insulin Syringes
LED Illuminators
Drone Flight Box
CO2 Delivery
Gormanston Tweezer
Swienty Insemination Kit
The equipment shown above is manufactured in Denmark by Swienty.

The micro manipulators give a very smooth, geared down, operation, but they lack feedback which could result in damage to a queen.

I am Trying to find some good illustrations or drawings... Does anybody know of any?

My personal emphasis in insemination work is in home made equipment, but this does not automatically mean inferior workmanship or substandard materials. Those gifted amateurs that have the ability to make 'bits and pieces' for themselves can often find improved methods that would not have been discovered if it were not for their attempts to save on cost or labour.

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