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Instrumental Insemination Group
(Formerly Known As IINGRIDD)

The group fliers will appear down the left hand side of this page, future correspondence will also be 'archived' here. The Newsletters can be accessed via the button at top left.

This has been a loosely formed group for several years... Mary Dartnall did the original publicity by mail and in the BBKA newsletter. Several attempts have been made, by Ron Hoskins, to put the group on a more formal footing. This was finally achieved on the 16th August 2003.

The meeting of 1st September 2001 had agreed that IINGRIDD should become more formal and distribute some sort of newsletter.

At the meeting held on the 6th July 2002 a committee was elected... It was also agreed that I would produce a newsletter for the group, that was web based, but printed copies would be posted by snail mail to those that are not yet on the web.

Material for inclusion in a newsletter is in short supply, please! if you have anything that is relevant to II, let me know and I will include it.

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Written... 07 September 2003,

Instrumental Insemination icon Coding Standard 2003 Issue 3