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[II-List] Instrumental Insemination Discussion Group


A group for the discussion and dissemination of ideas, methods and equipment details. Related to the instrumental insemination of queen honey bees.

There is a new, more 'up to date', version of this page on my 'New Domain'.
The new URL is... http://www.dave-cushman.net/bee/ii_list.html
It can be accessed by the 'REDIRECT LINK' below and you should reset your bookmarks or favourites accordingly.


The Story so far...

I personally am interested in any aspect of beekeeping, particularly items to do with breeding "pedigree" bees.

I first became aware of IINGRIDD in 1999 (I think from BBKA news), I attended a meeting in that year at Stoneleigh. I was of the opinion that more should be done to inform a wider audience about II and so I set up my web pages on the subject. I was unable to attend the 2000 meeting. So it was 1st September 2001 that I attended the next meeting. This meeting did decide that the group should go forward on a more formal basis and I decided I would set up a discussion group so that expertise could be shared worldwide.

The [II-List] was set up on 5th September 2001.

On 9th October 2001 there were 56 members, traffic density was low, but of high quality. I have a good deal of confidence that it will prove useful to it's subscribers.

More information about instrumental insemination methods and equipment are available on other pages of this website.

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