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Virgin Drop
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A suggested Trial to compare...
'Virgin Drop' and Induced Supercedure

Ken Hoare Suggested...
"Might I encourage a small scale worldwide trial in 2002, wherever possible can we ensure we have two colonies with marked queens. One would be re-queened using Virgin Drop, the other by Induced Supercedure.

The timing would be at the discretion of the local beekeeper, maybe others in an area could recommend to their neighbouring beekeepers when a particular procedure should be tried. For those in Ireland and the UK, as stated above I would recommend July for protected cell (Induced Supercedure) introduction.

For Virgin Drop, maybe anytime other than normal swarming time, but I would like others' thoughts on this.

Just note your records when the procedures were carried out and maybe other points that might be relevant, hive strength, weather etc.

Ken Hoare"

I support Ken's idea of such widespread trials and I will undertake to collate any data returned and publish it in some way that it would show up regional differences.

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Written... 01 February 2002, Revised... 22 January 2003,