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Leather Dressing using Beeswax

I have not found a commercial product that is similar to this one which I evolved for waterproofing Motorcycle Leathers and shooting boots.

It is compounded using beeswax and neatsfoot oil. It penetrates well and in conjunction with manipulation by the fingers will produce a very supple and waterproof item. There is one unfortunate side effect of using this product on boots that have previously been polished... The blue dye used in the original polish will stain your hands (the blue staining comes out after a few washes).

I have used this leather dressing on beekeeping gloves that have been washed in detergent. I also use it to soften the circular leather patches that I sew on to the gloves, some of my gloves have patches on patches, but their age is no problem as they are often washed and re-dressed.

Leather items that are required to be polished should not be treated with this product as the shine will not develop.

This product contains a solvent and should be tried first on a trial area to establish suitability.

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Originated... Summer 2000, Revised... 08 September 2003,

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