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Lecturing about beekeeping
and allied subjects

I have done a fair amount of lecturing, in the past, about beekeeping and allied subjects and can prepare a lecture on more or less any beekeeping aspect to non beekeeping groups and organizations and about specific beekeeping topics to beekeepers and beekeeping associations.

I make a token charge to cover expenses and traveling, but profit is not my motive. If I can promote a better understanding of bees and their ways then that is my reward.

My Disability and physical decline make travel difficult these days and I now only do a very small amount of lecturing.

This website is really a great big collection of lectures and anecdotes. I did not know when I first embarked on it how, large and comprehensive it would become, especially as at September 2003 I have about 5,000 more pages in preparation.

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Originated... April 2000, Revised... 09 September 2003,

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