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Leicestershire & Rutland Beekeeping Association

I am a member of this Association and support its aims, but any views that I express in these pages, are my own... I am a committee member, but I do not 'represent' L&RBKA.

This is a very active and 'go ahead' organisation... We operate mainly on two sites:-

Brooksby Bee Yard (managed by Brian Cramp) which we operate during the Summer, every Tuesday evening, 7:30 ish, beginning of April til end of July, the yard is situated on A607 just north of Rearsby...
This is a marvelous set up with four streams of tuition from beginners upwards, we issue competence certificates, we have an on-going breeding policy backed by instrumental insemination. Indeed there is so much available you will have to come and see for yourself.
The Cricketers  (public house)... Where we meet during Winter months, on the first Monday of the month.
The content of these meetings is mostly lectures, which occur... October through to April. The meetings are held upstairs in the function room. Meetings at other venues, also prove popular.
There is now a website for L&RBKA, but as yet it is still an unofficial one that is very much experimental in nature.

The maps and diagrams may take a few seconds to load as they are quite large files...

Map showing how to reach Brooksby Bee Yard...(curtesy O.S.)

Map for finding Brooksby Apiary

Map for Winter Meetings At the Cricketers

Map of Leicester

Inset of green rectangle

Detailed Map of 'Cricketers' Location

If any of our members have any ideas for extra items at this personal website or the one that I have produced for the association, that would improve communication or beekeeper's education. Please let me know by Email using the button at page bottom.

On some Saturdays we have special events:-
We have an 'Apiary Crawl' and we also have a couple of 'Disease Recognition' days.

Other beekeeping associations sometimes send groups to visit and swap ideas.
All in all a very rich mixture! Visitors are always made welcome, we make a minor charge a couple of quid to non members.

There is plenty of skill and expertise available in all aspects of beekeeping. My name is Dave, I am often referred to as... "The Fat and Ugly One"... This is a long standing nickname and I take no offence to it.

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