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Latest Thoughts, at least they were in April 2000

Criticism and constructive comment are welcome.
These Ideas May Not Be Fully Reasoned Yet PLEASE Do Not Accept Them As Definitive.

Please question anything that you do not understand or agree with. It is by constructive discussion and logical argument that we may improve our knowledge. The 'so called' knowledge base of beekeeping is riddled with inaccuracies and many assumptions. Let us sort out some of these errors and get ourselves into a more favourable situation.

Black text indicates a future document.

Good Honey Croppers are... NOT! Good Breeding Stock
Alternative View of the Initial Spread of Varroa
Composite Drone and Worker Foundation
2 Queen Cells
Trigger for Cell Capping
Foundation Cell Size
Small Bees/Old Comb
Swarming = Geographic Exploration of conditions & forage

MORE Drones not LESS
Varroa and Wasps
The Aerodynamics of Bee Flight
Instrumental Insemination & Allele Poverty
Combs that smelled of PDB
The makeup of a swarm receiving hive
Cellsize Difference Test

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Originated... April 2000, Revised... 20 January 2003,