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The Shook Swarm
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Manipulations in Beekeeping

The manipulations detailed here are not re-prints from textbooks, but the methods that I have generated and revised over a period of more than 20 years.

I am in the process of revising them still further... Owing to health limitations and poor physical strength, I am changing from the 'Demaree' system, that I have used consistently over my beekeeping career, to methods that only involve one brood box (11 British Standard Frames).

I am also changing my strain of bee along BIBBA & GALTEE lines.

I am also in the process of sorting out tests and trials for bees that are 'housed' on 4.9 mm foundation as apposed to the artificially enlarged foundation currently supplied by the appliance trade in the UK (and most other places).

Shook Swarming, known as a shakedown in the USA, is part of the regression process and has also come to the forefront in current UK management of European Foul Brood (future link).

more will follow

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Written... 15 April 2000, Revised... 20 October 2001
More revision... 29 Jan, 21 Aug 2002