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The Presentation of Morphometric Data

The Raw Data from morphometric measurements is difficult to visualise if presented in tabular form. The Scattergram is the simplest tool, and providing there is enough points in it the centre of the pattern and the degree of spread can be readily discerned.

Graphic "3D" representation is something that I have thought would make the discerning on the number of sub strains easier. This would have the density of the points in a scattergram added as a "Z" axis. The resulting diagram would show a three dimensional picture, such a diagram would show individual mounds centred on the racial norm for each race that was represented in a hybrid.

Overlaying many transparent wing photos (Each reduced to black and white and contrast enhanced) from the same sample of bees would make a composite picture. Such a composite of many overlaid transparencies may well be revealing. I have a feeling that some parts of the structure will vary more than others and such a multiple picture would show some lines thicker than others. The information itself would not be "new" but the different presentation may give insight and understanding of some of the variation.

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Revised... 18 June 2001