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Drawings of National Hive Component Parts

National Hive

British Standard Frames Clearer or Escape Boards Feeders Pollen Traps

now more than half completed
Standard items including:-

National Stand National Floor National Brood Box Framed Wire Excluder National Super Section Crate Ross Round Crate National Crown Board National Miller Feeder Diagonal Miller Feeder National Ashforth Feeder National Roof National Eke National 14''x12'' Box Uniting Board Hanging Section Frames Entrance Blocks Open Mesh Floor Split or Wedmore Boards Nucleus Coverboards The Cushman Floor Cut comb Bars for use in National supers and ekes Sundown Floor Open Mesh Floor with tray Glass Quilt for National

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Originated... 06 April 2000, Revised... 29 September 2001
Revised... 06, 20, 28 Feb 2002, 17 May 2002