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Brood Nest Shape

The actual nest shape within a set of frames that are themselves within a box (or set of boxes), varies from an American (or Rugby) football lying on it's side in hot regions (so that there is a larger surface area on the top for heat dissipation).

In lowland, temperate regions the nest is roughly spherical.

In more Northern and higher altitudes the nest is Rugby ball or egg shaped, but standing on it's end (thus giving minimum heat loss from the smaller top surface.

The shape of nests in UK varies from the South coast to the North of Scotland.

The relatively broad Langstroth frame should be more suited to hot areas and in cold northern areas it would seem that a Jumbo Langstroth or a British 14" x 12"
future link or Unified frame would be more suitable so that the nest would be kept to one single set of frames.

Having said all that, the AMM type of bees, that I prefer, manage on one set (11) of BS standard frames with an actual brood area 338 mm wide x 190 mm tall.

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Revised... 14 November 2001