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Nosema Apis

Interior of protozoon
 Nosema Apis
The Spores enter the mid-gut of the adult bee and they extrude the coiled filiament then inject the germ along it into an epithelial cell (Morganthaler, Bailey 1963).

porosity of breakout??

You can look for the rice grain shaped spores using a microscope with a magnification between 400x to 1000x (600x prefered).

But nosema can be detected without a microscope... Place your finger nail on the sting and pull the head off exposing the mid gut. The midgut is normally tan and has a distinctive ringed appearance (similar to the segmented body of an earthworm). A midgut infected with nosema is off white and a little swollen and is less segmented in appearance. This crude field test should be confirmed by microscopy if nosema is suspected to be present

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