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Observation Board

In order to use the Steve Taber/Albert Knight/John Dews Method of queen introduction, we require a cover board modified as follows.

The method itself is described under the heading Queen Introduction.

Observation Coverboard The notes below refer to a five frame nucleus board that is suitable for a top bee space box, if you have a bottom bee space nuc you will need to adjust the dimensions accordingly.

I made my hinged "windows" using 12 mm plywood for the frame and 2 mm thick acrylic sheet. I used double-sided adhesive tape and brass round headed screws to secure the acrylic sheet. The small block at left of the window is so that the hinge is not sprained when the window is fully open.

The window allows observation of a butler type queen introduction cage that has been placed along the central frame.

When the biting activity stops the queen is released by manually removing the plastic protection for the newspaper closure.

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