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Langstroth Hive
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German National Hive
Zander Hive
Observation Hives
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Glen Hive
Catenary Hive
CDB Hive
Buckfast Dadant
Double Seven or Economy Seven
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Other types of Bee Hives

Bee Hives seem to attract an enormous amount of modification and re-design. I am guilty of this myself.

Many of the designs listed at left have a regional following, maybe due to suitability for a particular strain of bee or a particular beekeeping method.

Some are historic types that are included for interest, but there are groups of enthusiasts that maintain such items and keep bees in them. Observation hives will be included as there is much interest in this type of equipment, although they are not used for productive beekeeping.

The Glen hive is a heavy beast, I have never owned one, but my local beekeeping association ran one in our demonstration apiary, many years ago.

The Catenary hive always fascinated me, but I have not had any personal experience of them.

There are many types not mentioned, but if you want a particular type of hive to be included here... Then send the URL or information via Email to me, using the button in the strap at page bottom and I will see what I can do. (I am always interested in oddball ideas.)

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Written... Summer 2000, Revised... 14 Aug 2002