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Overhair Length and Tomentum Width

Tergite Numbering
The abdominal tergites...
are numbered as shown in the diagram at right.

The tomenta are considered as narrow (less than 50% of tergite), Medium at about 50% and broad if more than 50%.

The 4th tergite... is the segment that we judge the tomentum width.

Narrow Tomenta
(I apologise for the large size of these drawings but it helps to stess the differences.)

These would be considered narrow tomenta.

Medium Tomenta

These would be considered medium tomenta.

Broad Tomenta

These would be considered Broad tomenta.

The overhair length... is judged on the 5th tergite and is measured with respect to a 0.40 mm wire "feeler guage". (For specially adapted measuring eyepiece see Morphometry Tools .)

Overhair Length

Short Overhair... is anything up to 0.35 mm. Medium Overhair... is that which falls in the range of 0.35 mm - 0.40 mm. Long Overhair... is anything longer than 0.40 mm.

Apis Mellifera Mellifera has narrow tomenta and long overhair. This compares with Italian strains that have broad bands of very short hair.

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