Traditional Beeswax Furniture Polish
"High Shine" Furniture polish
Creme Polish
Leather Dressing

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Beeswax Polishes

Beeswax polishes have been used for many centuries. They impart a lustrous finish that is mellow and not 'flash' or 'gaudy'.

Beeswax polishes are complementary to hardwood furniture and the appearance improves over a period of years...with regular, light, application.

The "High Shine" Polish is compounded with carnauba wax which will give a harder, more shiny finish, but the polish build up on furniture will be more brittle and may crack after many years use if adequate buffing is not given.

The Creme Polish is an emulsion containing beeswax and can be used on artificial plastic finishes, kitchen furniture, french polished items, leather goods.

The Leather Dressing is not actually a polish but is a softening and preserving medium. Leather items that are required to be polished should not be treated with this product as the shine will not develop.

All of these products contain a solvent and should be tried first on a trial area to establish suitability.
I have been told that there is now 'Health and Safety' rules applicable to polishes and I will publish them here when I can find out more information.
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