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 Excluder Types

Queen Excluder becomes a Mouse Excluder

When the honey supers come off it is a simple matter to swap a framed excluder from above the brood to between the the floor and the bottom of the brood box. This is both a convenient place to store it and it acts as a mouse barrier.

Some have suggested that this can be used during the swarming season to stop a swarming queen from leaving. I feel there are several objections to this... First drones become trapped and die in the excluder... After the initial attempt fails the bees may still leave in a few days when the first virgin emerges, as it may be possible for her to squeeze through where a more mature queen could not.

It has also been suggested that this method can stop a freshly hived swarm from absconding. This may well be true but I would want the know "why" the bees did not think it a suitable home rather than forcing them to accept my choice.

...more to come

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