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Details of 9 mm x 12 mm Rim parts
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British Standard Frames Clearer or Escape Boards

Drawings for the 'Rational' Hive

Compatibility with TOP bee space National equipment is assured. Compatibility with Standard National Parts can be achieved either by assembling the parts differently or by adding a 9 mm x 12 mm rim.

These Items can be assembled for TOP BEE SPACE use or BOTTOM BEE SPACE as required by the individual.

They were all designed by Dave Cushman whilst he was proprietor of APEX ENTERPRISES. And each item offers some benefit over more conventional designs.

Items with black borders are not yet complete.

Rational Stand Rational Floor Rational Brood Box Rational Super Rational crown Board Rational Miller Feeder Rational Diagonal Feeder Rational Bro. Adam Feeder Rational Roof Rational Eke Rational Pollen Stripper Rational Test Tray Rational 14 x 12 Box Rational Pollen Drawer Top Bee Space Split Boards Top Bee Space Nucleus Coverboards The Cushman Floor The Perspex Quilt

Never mix this type of equipment with 'Standard National' equipment as the bee spaces between boxes and frames will be compromised resulting in extra comb and propolis where you do not want it.

The "RATIONAL" system detailed here has nothing in common, apart from Top Bee Space, with the system that was proposed during the 1970's.

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Written... April 2000, Revised... 06 February 2002
Revised 21 May 2002