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Top Bee Space Nucleus Coverboards

Special Coverboards for 2 x 5 frame nucs
The items listed under
National Nucleus Coverboards can be used with the rim uppermost when used with Top Bee Space equipment.

If however, you wish to feed two 5 frame nucleii using the
rectangular plastic feeders made by Nicot there is a method of using a pair of plain plywood covers 9 mm thick with offset holes that will allow two such feeders side by side within a
"National" Eke or a
"Rational" Eke.

The diagrams at top right give the dimensions for hole cutting. The front elevation shows the positions of the two feeders whilst the plan view shows the feeders themselves (with the roof removed).

9 mm plywood is specified owing to it's greater rigidity and freedom from warping.

I have used this method many times and it is particularly useful if you have formed nucleii that are a little under strength or you require them to draw out foundation.

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