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Parts for Rim 9mm deep 12mm wide

At first sight a rim that is only 12 mm wide will seem narrow, but there a is good reason for it.

The top rails of B.S. National hives have a wall thickness of 13 mm or (1/2"). As the boxes are square any item with a rim may be positioned in either of two mutually perpendicular directions. Therefore a 12 mm wide rim cannot overlap the ends of the topbars and thus we avoid the propolising mayhem that occurs with the standard
bottom bee space design.
12 mm rim

Two Pieces 460mm x 12mm x 9mm
Two Pieces 436mm x 12mm x 9mm

Material can be Pine, Cedar, Exterior Grade Ply or whatever else you may have to hand.

Glueing and screwing using countersunk screws will give a reliable, long working life.

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