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Multi Dose Saline Driver Pump

Multi Dose Saline Driver Pump The pistons in conventional syringes are relatively large in diameter with a consequent large delivery volume per millimeter of advancement.

Some delivery systems seek to overcome this by using a micrometer type fine screw thread and calibrated thimble to advance the large piston by very small distances such that calibrated quantities of liquid are dispensed. Such systems work effectively, but are expensive and difficult for the shoestring financed to make at home.

The device depicted here overcomes that problem by having multiple pistons, each of small diameter so that any one of them can be pushed individually into the syringe barrel by a calibrated distance and thus deliver individual amounts of saline that in turn displace semen in a capillary tube.

drawing has been started, but some components as yet are not finalised (due for autumn 2002)... Email me if you want "up to date" details.

The pistons are intended to be needle roller bearings, if I can track down some that are thin enough as well as long enough.

Bits and pieces can be obtained from many sources, the two packets illustrated at right were purchased at a fishing tackle shop and are respectively... pvc tubing that can be used to deliver saline and silicone rubber sleeves that can be used to couple plastic and glass tubing.

They were not expensive, the pvc tube was 1.05 and the packet of silicone sleeves was 0.75 (2001 prices).

The clear plastic tube illustrated below came out of an inkjet printer that I was dismantling for parts...
'that may come in useful'.
Pvc Tubing Silicone Rubber Tube

Surgical butterfly with leur fitting and tubing Tubing recovered from an inkjet printer

The right hand picture shows a surgical butterfly needle with tubing and leur fitting adaptor that will fit on the nipple of our syringe barrel

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Revised... 10 October 2001
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