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Scattergram Printing Template

Colony Reference Number............................... Scattergram Matrix

Scattergram Matrix Use The matrix below for recording
the details of a 30 bee sample.

Results Matrix for Sample of 30 Bees CI = Cubital Index
DS = Discoidal Shift
Col = Colour
Tom = Tomenta breadth
O/H = Overhairs
Tng = Tongue length

When using the Scattergram, mentally divide each square into 5 or six dot positions similar to the spots on a dice. So that if you have identical references you can use the additional spot positions to increase the apparent density.

The symbols shown in the Record columns should be entered in the columns of the details matrix shown left.
Details Matrix
Some systems record <0.35 mm as short and 0.35 mm - 0.4 mm as medium overhair length.

These charts and matrices owe much to the originals produced by BIBBA and GBBG.
Set Side margins 12.5 mm, Top margin 12.5 mm and Bottom margin 20 mm.

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Written... September 2000, Revised... 02 November 2001
Revised... 24 May 2002