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Selling Honey

There are many considerations in the sale and marketing of honey:-

1Sizes and Styles of Jar
2Squeeze Bears and other Fancy Packing (value added)
3Labelling, Artistic Considerations
4Labelling, Legal Considerations
5Cut Comb
6Chunk Honey
7Section Honey (Square or Round)

There is also the issue of selling in bulk to a co-operative or a major honey packer.

Market Research

Trial Marketing

Samples and Free Gifts

Market Stalls

This remains a very good means of selling honey particularly if you are prepared to "knock off" 10% or so from the retail price.

Fetes and other events

These vary quite widely and also vary from year to year, in any period of five years you may expect one poor year, three avarage and one year that is excellent.


Have a very poor success rate you may expect one or two percent replies but only a few of these will mature into business.

The Internet

Unsolicited Email is considered bad form. A well designed website properly promoted may be effective, but you may have to pay large fees to get the right promotion. After paying your large fee someone else may "jump the queue" by paying an even larger fee.

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