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Regressing Bees to a
Smaller Cell Size

European Foul Brood
CSL EFB Trial Results
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The Shook Swarm or Shakedown method

A simple and effective process that has the benefit of invigorating the bees that are Shaken.

The manipulation is incredibly easy, you will require a completely new or freshly sterilised hive and a full complement of frames each with foundation. If cellsize regression is your aim you may well use some starter strips or the special frames detailed in the link at top left of this page.

Timing of the operation, in the case of disease will be unlikely to enter into the calculations, but for best survival in UK conditions it is best to limit the time frame for performing this to the range April through to the end of July. Late shaking is thought to explain a few of the failures that have occurred in the CSL trials.

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Trials of this technique have been carried out by the National Bee Unit at the Central Science Laboratory, whose address is Sand Hutton, York, YO41 1LZ. They have a website... http://www.csl.gov.uk

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Written... 21 Aug 2002, Revised... dd month 2002