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Preparing Beeswax for Showing


Presentation of the block

polished wooden case, plain construction, (a fancy case may be a fine object in it's own right and may attract attention away from the wax that it is showing off)

Mahogany was favoured in the past, but I reckon that one made of beech, with perfect dovetailing or finger jointing, is right for the times. The case should be polished with beeswax and not stained or varnished in any way.

dark blue or black velvet

I favour dark blue as it is complementary to the wax is of yellow colour, however black is best for the lightest colours.

I would only use a paper diolly (sp?) if it was good quality and fairly plain... It would have to match the shape of the block perfectly.

Selecting Comb

Mould preparation... The Pyrex dish is the most commonly used mould. It has a good surface to start with and this can be further enhanced by polishing. The Pyrex material expands or distorts very little with temperature, which removes a possible variable from the cooling stage.

Melting and filtering the wax... This is conducted in a similar way to that indicated on the pages Wax Melting and Wax Filtration pages, but in a a more precise and controlled way.

Cooling link to electronic cooling controller

This is the big influence on quality that is often ignored or given less prominance than it deserves

Polishing (of the wax block) use of cotton wool under running water, use of silk

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