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Overview of This Website... Aims and Objectives

The links at left require a little explanation.

I have a passion for breeding the honey bee that some might say is extreme. I used to be the proprietor of Apex Enterprises and as such spent many thousands of hours conducting research into beekeeping and bee breeding with particular reference to equipment design. I learned a great deal and this website represents an attempt to pass on the information that I have accrued.

Since my business failed I have become disabled and unable to pursue normal work, or even look after my beloved honey bees properly. As a result I have generated this rather sprawling website, because I am still able to type (after a fashion) and I have some information that I believe deserves a wide audience.

As progress has been made on the website the costs have risen to become a significant burden on my disablement benefit, as a result of this and cajoling from several people that have indicated they would like to help support the website financially, I have generated the donation facility that can be accessed via the Link. If such donations should amount to more than the site running costs the remainder will be put towards travelling expenses for attending various bee conferences in order that I may maintain my knowledge to be as up to date as possible, which in turn will benefit surfers.

Bee breeding is not as popular as I would like it to be... I would like to see more individual beekeepers take more steps to improve the quality of their bees by breeding and selection. In order to help this process along I have facilitated the design and manufacture of some drone excluder grid and as a result I wish to extend this principle to manufacturing batches of difficult to obtain (or non existent) items that can further the development of bee breeding and instrumental insemination of honey bees.

These items are available for sale on a non profit making basis and are shown in the catalogue index on the      link.

Some of the 'old fashioned' hive products that I used to make, when I was in business, may be resurrected and offered under this scheme as well. The 'SHOP' symbol will appear as a link in the bottom row of buttons in any page that has relevant sales items.

I am a member of L&RBKA and have served on it's committee of trustees for many years. I produced a rather crude website for the beekeeping association, early in 1991, that I touted to several members of the committee that were 'wired', but there was no enthusiasm for my idea and so I dropped it. I still feel that the association will benefit from a web presence and so I have revamped the original material and I now host it as an 'unofficial' website.

There is no malice intended in this unofficiality, the information given is true and factual, but this way I retain editorial freedom. Any L&RBKA member is free to submit '.txt' information, that is relevant, for publication within these pages. I will be seeking co-operation from other L&RBKA trustees to enable publication of various documents that are their combined intellectual property.

My current function within L&RBKA is as member of the Brooksby bee yard sub committee and as such I act as a clerk at the Tuesday meetings:-

Additionally I undertake to explain or demonstrate any beekeeping procedure or method that is not covered in the general education program. This can be done with empty boxes or with live bees as appropriate and it can be done at the Brooksby site, or your apiary according to circumstance.

Similarly the GBBG is a group to which I belong, but my activity within the group is somewhat limited owing to the fact that it is based in Ireland and I live in UK, thus I make my contribution by editing their website and other things that I can do at a distance.

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