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Square & Rectangular Plastic Feeders

Square Plastic Feeder
This type of feeder is designed on the Bro. Adam principle and measures 185 mm square x 54.5 mm tall, it is useful for feeding nucs.

There is a rectangular version which is 306 mm x 206 mm x 56 mm tall that is mentioned on the page that deals with
feeding two 5 frame nucs
side by side.

I am not aware of the maker's name but the logo and lettering in the centre of the lid are likely to be the manufacturer's trademark.

The cross section shows the inverted round plastic cup that shrouds the feeding cone in the centre. This cup has a notch that can be positioned to allow bees into the main tray when it is nearly empty. This feature can be disabled by positioning the cup so that the notch is blocked by one of the four pegs that the cup itself is located on. The lid is needed to stop excessive evaporation and resulting crystalisation of the feed.

I use about 2 dozen of these feeders... The troughs are quite strong but the transparent lids tend to crack easily and thus have a shorter lifespan, several of mine now have thin plywood lids.

Scale is 2 pixel = 1 mm.

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Revised... 30 September 2001