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Staples for Making Beekeeping Kit

Staples are becoming more widely used in the assembly of hives and frames. The advent of electric tacking guns has speeded this process. They vary a little from manufacturer to manufacturer.

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Narrow Staples
Narrow Staples
These are usually 4 mm between legs and are often used for the assembly of frames.

I have also used this type to attach rim pieces to crown boards.

I also have used them for fixing the side panels on frame feeders

Broad Staples
Broad Staples
Often 10 mm or 12 mm between legs these are available in many leg lengths and wire sizes. The thinnest type, with legs in the region of 10 mm length, are suitable for the attachment of mesh to wooden components.

Long legged and coarse wire versions can be used for box making.

"T" Nails
'T' Nails
To enable magazine loading this shape of nail was developed. They are effective but relatively expensive when compared to traditional types of nail. The cost may be offset by the comparitively quicker assembly that they afford.

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