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Sundown Floor for National

This type of floor was designed by Mr Nantes (I do not know the date) the BBKA have promoted it in the past, but do not think it is available from any UK manufacturers at present. The sloping base allows for drainage of water that may be driven into the hive through the entrance or ill fitting joints.

3rd Angle The Grain should run along the longest dimension of any part.

Cutting of parts (all dimensions in mm).
QtyLengthWidth ThicknessMaterialUseage
246045 18pineSide Rails
2424 189PineRear Top Rim
Front Under Rim
1 set
463 total
430 Random
18Pine Floor Boards (see note)
Sundown Floor for National Hive
This floor has the same form whichever way up it is.

9 mm is specified for the thickness of the under rim material, but commercial supplies are often of 8 mm thickness, using 8 mm is unlikely to cause any problems. The side rails will need reducing to compensate.

Assemble using a waterproof PVA type glue and 50 mm pins or use twinthread woodscrews for a more reliable and permenant job.

If petroleum jelly is used on the rim and linseed oil is used on the Rest of the parts, the item will give many years of good service.

The entrance block for use with this type of floor is a special one (illustrated below) that does not fit any other type of floor.
Sundown Entrance BlockWith this floor type the the entrance block can be fitted to block the entrance, allow a 9 mm entrance and can be removed to provide an 18 mm entrance. The block is best made from hardwood to reduce distortion due to ageing.

Detail of floorboard joints
Spare entrance blocks can be made with different sized notches cut out to provide an entrance reducing feature.

The individual floorboards can be any random width to make a full set that totals 463 mm.The type of joint to be used, as per the detail at right, will depend on the machining facilities available.

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Revised... 02 October 2001