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Artificial Swarming
Remove a Nucleus
Snelgrove Method
Horsley Method
Pagden Method
Queen Clipping
Cutting out Queencells
Queen Includer
Swarm Catchers
Simmins' Method
Hall Method
Stuart's Method
Peck Method
Hawkins' Method
Rauchfuss Method
Shook Swarming
Doolittle Method
Breeding Selection
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Swarm Control of Honey Bee Colonies

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The basic idea of swarm control is very simple indeed... Separate the queen and the brood. However there are a multitude of ways of achieving this and some of these methods are still known by the names of the individuals that invented or popularised the methods.

I have used various methods and I have tried out almost all of the methods in the index at left. The methods that I have been most comfortable with are:- artificial swarming, Demaree, removing a nucleus and selection of non swarmy strains.

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Written... 19 December 2001
Worked on... 19 January 2002