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Swarm Trapping Frame

Trap Frame for Wild Comb

The principle
of putting wild comb in frames using cotton thread or string is well known.

This implementation is due to Dee Lusby, I have merely altered it for use with British equipment.

If you intend to do much in the way of swarm collecting that involves wild comb then this method is well suited as the use of these frames will speed up the operation and make you appear more professional in the public's estimation.

Many of these frames may be prepared during the winter so that you can save time when things are busier.

Frame wire or nylon fishing line is suitable. If the pieces of wild comb are large, then select areas with sealed brood and open brood and cut using a sharp knife or serrated bread saw. Place the chunks in the frame and close up using the small latch.

When the brood has emerged, work the frame to the outside of the nest so that it can be removed, cleaned and re-wired for future use.

A small application of Petroleum Jelly to the hinges and the latch will render them free from propolis.

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Written... August 2000
Revised... 26 August 2001