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Swarms and Wasps "Help" Page

For those of you that have come this way to research bees for school work or you may have seen some bees, or a swarm of bees, and do not understand what they are doing, I provide these pages which give information on honeybee swarms and various other types of bee.

Bees & Wasps Information about the different types of bee and wasp, that you may find in the UK, to help you identify the type and habits.
There are also links to further information. The New Beekeepers page has links to many major beekeeping organisations.
Bees and Queens Descriptions and pictures of Honey Bees that I breed myself. (including some pictures of Apis Mellifera Mellifera)

Bee Relocation Service A service offered for those unable to identify "the problem" (as they may perceive it) for themselves.

Bee Stings Information about stinging and reactions and a link that deals with anaphylactic shock.
Swarming Information about swarms and swarming and how beekeepers deal with the situation.

There are pages in preparation that will detail the characteristics of the various races of honey bees. Some individual strains within these races will also be detailed.

The Pathology of the Honey Bee
The Biology of the Honey Bee
The Anatomy of the Honey Bee
  The links at left will take you to some sub menus that may prove helpful by bypassing the main index. These pages are not very well populated by files, but the writing of them is an ongoing situation that is improving.

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Written... May 2000, Revised... 19 December 2001, Revised... 04 September 2002, Corrected... 11 January 2004,