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System Zero Screws
used in the making of Beekeeping Kit

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These are a special type of screw with an unusual tamperproof head shape that is intended for security purposes. They have uses in beekeeping and are especially easy to apply.

System Zero was the registered trademark of Deltight Industries Ltd., but Deltight has been taken over by BAS Components Ltd. and system zero screws are now a proprietary product manufactured in Sevenoaks Kent.
Supplies of these screws can be obtained from...
RS components Ltd.
Birchington Road, Corby, Northants, NN17 9RS, UK.

Wholesale quantities of the screws can be supplied direct from the manufacturers...
BAS Components Ltd.
2 Cramptons Road, Sevenoaks, Kent, TN14 5EF
Tel 01732 450011
The tamperproof "System Zero" Screw

System Zero Screw The screw illustrated is a hardened self tapping type that has a thread length of 6 mm.

As far as beekeeping goes this type of screw has been used by me for the fitting of  8 way bee escapes  to 6 mm thick plywood. They are very easy to use as they fit the special driving bits very well.

The incorporated flange spreads the load when used to attach plastic components.

I use an electric screwdriver to insert these, the driving bit holds them perpendicular to the work which makes the process speedy and accurate.

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