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To view BBKA Data Registration Details:-
First highlight this number    Z7177207     then right click on it and select 'Copy'
Next click on the    DPA Link    and Maximise the window
Right click within the area of the 'Registration Number' search box at the bottom of the list of rectangles
Select 'Paste' and click the search button
Finally click on the words    'BRITISH BEE KEEPERS ASSOCIATION'    on the page that is brought up
I am sorry that this is such a convoluted process.

I Personally have a number of concerns about the BBKA and the way that it is run. I am also a trustee of the L&RBKA and have responsibilities and commitments to that association which also has misgivings about some aspects of BBKA policy. Some of these are in line with my own opinion and some of them are not.

However I seek to reassure everyone that the views that will be ultimately displayed in place of this temporary notice are my own. I do not act as a spokesperson for L&RBKA even on those items which are also of similar thought to my own. I consider that I am capable of distinguishing between what is right for L&RBKA as a beekeeping association and my own standpoint on those issues that do coincide.

I have voiced disquiet on a number of previous occasions, and about a number of different activities of the BBKA. On these occasions I have been asked by others to put myself forward for election so that I could at least put my points at a higher level. However, when I was a beekeeping equipment manufacturer, I did not think it was appropriate for me to be actively involved. I have been asked again, more recently, but my opinions of the BBKA have sunk so low in recent years that I would not wish to be a Trustee of it's executive.

This temporary page is necessary as I wish to discuss some of the detailed information with my fellow trustees before publication and some other information needs to be clarified with the Charities Commission.

These checks are to ensure that what I intend to publish is absolutely factual, totally truthful and not in any way slanderous.

The problems that I see fall into several broad categories...
Data Registration Details and the uses to which the data may be put, both now and under the auspices of future BBKA trustees.

The privacy of the data held and the flagging of data that may be held, but the transmission of which has been prohibited by the data provider or the data subject.

The awareness of delegates and officers of member associations of the provisions of the Data Protection Act and how that act affects the way they handle data, whether that be by computer or paper.

The charitable status of the BBKA and the percentage of it's income that it spends on charitable purposes, including the raising of that income by capitation.
These are not the concerns themselves, merely the headings under which they can be grouped. If you have any concerns of a similar nature, perhaps you will contact me by email. If anyone has any other concerns that do not fall within the groupings above I will add such categories as are necessary.

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